Interior Design London

Interior Design London

Welcome to DUO construction, your one-stop solution for all forms Beautification and Interior Design Services – whether for private properties, public offices or general businesses in the UK.

Our top of the line interior décor solutions are fully insured, and NVQ certified. The DUO construction brand is known worldwide for high-quality works delivered at a more than acceptable price.

For us, professional services, highly competitive quotes and most importantly 100% customer satisfaction are a top priority.

 One Company For All Your Interior Design Needs
 Fully Insured And Covered
 Woking Together With Our Clients – Keep Customer Fully Informed Every Step Of The Way
 Detailed Budget And Written Specifications So You Know Exactly What To Expect – No Hidden Costs!
 Guaranteed Professional Experience

Interior Design Service

Landscape architects & garden designers
Architectural planning
Design & build
Kitchen designers & fitters
3D Modelling

Architects & building designers
CAD Drawings- AutoCAD-2d&3d
Bathroom designers & fitters
Luxury interior design
Architectural survey
Interior design


Beautify and colorize your Home with the help of a professional Interior Design team in London

The business of transforming your interior décor ideas into a reality that speaks volumes about your personality is an intricate process; one that requires technical expertise, a thorough comprehension of design processes and more importantly an understanding of the specific needs of each unique customer.

DUO construction is a leading name in interior design and décor in London. We pack all the essential qualities needed to implement the best interior designs fitting to your taste, style, and even budget. Being a major player in the interior design industry for so long means, we’re way ahead in terms of competence and skillset. The DUO construction team is highly regarded for its ability to effectuate mind-blowing interior designs feats; from recreating Buckingham themed royal places in urban homes, to mimicking grand space in compact suburban flats and then transforming conventional hexagonal buildings to lushly styled eyecatchers with fluid spaces and seamless transitioning. Just state your preferences, and we’ve got you covered.

Lacking some inspiration, not to worry. Our impressive catalogue of completed design will surely spark some sense of creativity in you. And if you’d prefer for us to suggest a design blueprint our expert team of professionals, well-groomed in the rudiments of lifestyle and styling will go the extra mile to deliver an interior décor design that catches the eye and titillates the soul.

Why should you choose a professional interior designing company like us?

  • AS far as interior designing in London goes, we are among the best of the best.
  • We relate and communicate with our clients to get in tune with their needs and expectations. For us, interior designs are an extension of personal taste and style
  • Our designers are creative nerds who with a knack for transforming dull spaces into lively and tasteful enclosures.
  • Our design process blends creativity with functionality, helping you to achieve a lot more with a little less.


Whatever your needs are as it relates to interior designing; from home to office and industrial design, you can count to deliver a thoroughly professional job that appeals not only to the property owner but the world at large. We are quality. We exude creativity.

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