French Polisher London

French Polisher London

Welcome to DUO construction, your one-stop solution for all forms of French Polishing Services – whether for private properties, public offices or general businesses in the UK.

Our top of the line French Polishing solutions are fully insured, and NVQ certified. The DUO construction brand is known worldwide for high-quality works delivered at a more than acceptable price.

For us, professional services, highly competitive quotes and most importantly 100% customer satisfaction are a top priority.

 One Company For All Your French Polishing Needs
 Fully Insured And Covered
 Woking Together With Our Clients – Keep Customer Fully Informed Every Step Of The Way
 Detailed Budget And Written Specifications So You Know Exactly What To Expect – No Hidden Costs!
 Guaranteed Professional Experience – All French Polishing Jobs Guaranteed For At Least 12 Months

French Polishing Service

Furniture repairs
Desk re-leathering
Metallic finishes
Magicman repairs
Lacquer finishing

Grain filling
Hand oiling and waxing
Colour spraying
Scratch/chip repairs
Water damage repairs


Looking for Professional French Polisher in London? Look No further!

Restoring your antique furniture and wood-based architecture to its former glory is an intricate process that requires skill and dedication. So also is the maintenance procedures required to keep your priced wooden possessions in tip-top shape. DUO constructions bring that professional and exquisite French polishing touch, guaranteed to restore or preserve the highly coveted beauty and sheen of your priced wood-based possessions.

As far as French polishers in London go, DUO is the standout name for excellence and premium service delivery.

We are a more than reliable option. Rest assured that;

  • Our service comes at a subsidized rate, sure to fit your budget
  • We would exercise great care in handling your possession; we know how precious they are to you
  • You’re getting a professional treatment that’s fully insured

Our breadth of experience as the number one French polisher in London and numerous client testimonials speaks volumes about our impeccable pedigree. Whatever your needs are, be it commercial or for residential purposes we promise to deliver all the gloss and sheen needed to give your possession that ethereal sparkle.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for top-notch, premium and qualitative services.

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