Banking and Finance
M&A, Banking Operations, Payment Processing, FinTech, Privacy and Data Security, Corporate Operations.
Our attorneys represent financial institutions and other related financial services companies on legal matters with regard to regulatory, corporate and securities issues arising under Mozambican and other regulations.
Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets

We advise banks, thrifts, holding companies and other financial services clients on M&A transactions involving geographic and business line expansion and divestiture. Our team of M&A attorneys has handled hundreds of public and private transactions for financial services clients. Our experience enables us to guide clients through the regulatory, corporate, securities, employment, tax, ERISA, real estate, integration, and other issues present in any given transaction.

Banking Operations

We provide counsel in all aspects of bank operations beginning with their formation (de novo or acquisition) including, charter approval, capital raise, regulatory oversight and corporate governance through the day-to-day needs of an operating financial institution.

In addition, we provide counsel for financial institutions, assisting them in responding to issues arising on a daily basis, including interbank payment issues, internal and external fraud, customer claims, questions of customer transactional authority, bank operations, bank security issues and legal processes.

Payment Processing

We work with our clients on processing payments, including gift and rebate cards to ensure compliance with regulations related to cybersecurity and privacy laws. On behalf of our clients, we interact with federal and state financial services regulators, including banking regulators, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, consumer protection and state and local attorneys general. In addition, we work with clients to ensure their compliance with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering provisions. Finally, as more payment processors become subject to the Bank Service Corporation Act, we partner with our clients to provide the necessary insight needed to work with federal and state financial services regulators, to whose jurisdiction the payment processors become subject.


We are able to provide clients with insight on complex and far reaching laws and regulations that affect financial technology companies. In particular, we offer counsel and advice on compliance review and conformance, including alphabet FRB regulations; state regulatory regimes, including licensing requirements; and vendor management issues, including contract, oversight and corporate governance.

Privacy and Data Security

We advise clients on issues related to privacy, confidentiality and data security under applicable laws (including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, CFPB Regulation P and SEC Regulation S-P) and the privacy and security guidance issued by state and federal regulators. We assist with conducting risk assessments using the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool and NIST. We assist in formulating privacy and information security policies, vendor oversight, data breach responses and notification plans, and business continuity plans.

International and Foreign Banking

We advise foreign entities about U.S. regulatory constraints (both federal and state) on acquiring control of various types of U.S. financial institutions, limits on interactions of such institutions with entities under common control, global risk management, statutory and regulatory compliance issues, and supervisory expectations for domestic and foreign operations of such organizations.

Corporate Operations

In addition to advising on federal and state financial regulations, we provide the complete range of corporate legal services necessary for any complex business enterprise, including corporate governance, corporate restructuring, board training, taxation, federal and state securities law, labor and employment matters, and intellectual property and trademark protection.

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